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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 1: EeB building typologies

This work package is led by partner Ipostudio Architetti S.R.L. (IAA). The aim is to provide the clients, design teams, building operator and occupants with reference semantic models including embedded guidelines of energy-efficient healthcare districts for new and retrofitting projects.


The work in WP1 consists of 3 tasks:

Typology models of healthcare districts: The goal is to generate common EeB typology models derived from existing healthcare districts in the EU. The most frequent typologies of existing health building and their invariant factors will be analysed and compared. This will result in a compatibility matrix between various building typologies and their energy-related features and characteristics. The result will include the identification o the most effective level of improvement.

Scenarios for energy-efficiency retrofitting: The aim is to map the current problems, to analyse the optimisation potentials, and to develop the most effective retrofitting scenarios, focusing on EeB aspects. First, on the level of strategic real estate management, a scenario will be described. This will be followed up by tactical implementation and discussed down to operative issues and consequences for one of the key functional buildings and units in the healthcare district, for instance the surgery/operation unit or laboratories.

Precedence-based design for new buildings: the aim is to generate semantic design models based on the EeB guidelines for healthcare districts.

Addressing the different strategies between new EeB design and energy-efficiency retrofitting of existing buildings; integrating technical standards and workflow requirements of medical equipment and services into semantic model.




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