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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 3: EeB performance optimisation 

This work package is led by partner DEMO Consultants  (DMO). The aim is to support clients, design teams, BIM management and building operators in the decision making on optimal EeB solutions by measuring, analysing and validating the energy performance and Total Cost Ownership  (TCO) of both newly  designed and retrofitted buildings during the design stage. Design decision-making will rely on the integration  between design knowledge, the know-how of the whole building lifecycle (operation, maintenance and retrofitting stages), and the insight of anticipated future changes in building, energy and medical developments. 

EeB performance indicators: Within this task a coherent set of Key Performance  Indicators (KPIs)  will be establish regarding the energy performance of buildings in healthcare districts during their operation, as well as regarding the effectiveness of the design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting solutions to deal with the actual problems and to anticipate future changes. Further, quantifying methods will be established at the design stage for these KPIs taken into account the interdependency between the different performance parameters.

Assessment tools of energy performance: The goal is to review and consolidate tools and user-oriented software regarding building conditions and energy performance and to provide the design team and the BIM manager with a tools to evaluate, steer and improve the energy performance of complex existing buildings. 

LCC and design decision-support tools:  This task will introduce a semantic design decision-support tool that will enable the optimisation of different levels of decentralisation, of different energy carriers and energy sources. This will facilitate the integration between the design knowledge and the knowledge of lifecycle costs (LCC) and real estate management (AM).

The aim of this task is to clarify how energy performance and design decision-support tools can be used and presented in a way easy to understand and to be able to present the results in a way easy to communicate between different actors, such as clients, design teams, building operators and occupants.





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