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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 8: Dissemination and standardisation

This work package is led by partner Mazowiecka Agencja Energetycna Sp.(MAE). The aim is to perform knowledge dissemination and knowledge valorisation of the results of STREAMER; as well as to ensure the broad and sustainable impacts by embedding the new knowledge in design, energy, and ICT open standardisation.  The aim is to actively involve more healthcare-related buildings to use the new knowledge in practice.

Implementers Community (IC) and valorisation:

·          This task will establish and empower an Implementers Community (IC) that includes stakeholders, design actors and interested parties. The immediate knowledge dissemination and valorisation through IC will be conducted in conjunction with the demonstration and validation activities, i.e. planning, design and decision-making workshops.

·          Organising an Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) with the support from the European Commission, and to generate and Exploitation and IPR Plan. In this seminar, all partners will be actively engaged in preparing the Exploitation and IPR Plan for STREAMER results.

·          STREAMER disseminate knowledge in cooperation with other EU Programmes and will participate in the dissemination and knowledge exchange events organised by EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities, KIC InnoEnergy, Energy-Efficient Building Association E2BA, including its National Liaison Points or similar platforms for healthcare assets (ECHAA, EuHPN and EIP AHA).

Wider knowledge dissemination: This tasks assures the sustainable knowledge transfer and implementation of STREAMER results. For this reason, a central information retrieval mechanism will be a Public Website  and a secured Project Website that will be developed. The dissemination process will further develop through published and distributed newsletters (printed and electronic; 1 each year) but also,  articles in professional and scientific journals (at least 2 each year), professional and academic conferences, seminars and workshops.

EeB design standardisation for new and retrofitted buildings: Based on the identification of the differences in the processes of design for new EeB and retrofitted objects, a similar approach to EeB standardisation will be taken for new and retrofitted buildings respectively. Therefore, the main goals within this task is to determine the technologies used in the processes of increasing the energy-efficient, passive, zero energy. Moreover, this task will contribute to the strong shift at European level towards BIM and ICT-intensive design practices, which will result in significant cost-efficiency and time-to-market improvements, and in an increased competitiveness of the European AEC industry  respectively.

BIM, GIS, Semantic Web open- Standardisation: Within this task, STREAMER will pursue to the harmonization of open standards for modelling of building (BIM), neighbourhood/urban areas (GIS), especially with the purpose of integrated energy calculation and simulation. It will also explore the new possibilities of XML and Semantic Web and will review the available BIM-related standards and government regulations.






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