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Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Careggi

AOUC is a company born from the integration between the Tuscany Regional Healthcare System and the University of Florence. The hospital carries out both university research and care activities. It delivers hospital admissions, specialist outpatient provisions, and emergency activities. It pursues the development of high specialization due to its national and regional role. The main objective is to achieve the highest level of response to the “health query” (meant as recovery and preservation of physical, mental and social health) through a process that includes didactic, training and research activities.


Some key figures (2011):

- 1,549 hospital beds

- 5,746 employees

- 111 collaborators

- 56,559 admissions (ordinary hospitalization)

- 76,500 day hospital and day surgery admissions

- 135,723 First Aid admissions

- 11,052,201 specialist outpatient services


Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Task 7.3 on the demonstration case and practical validation in Italy, in its role as the client/owner, building operator and main occupant of the real project.

- Contributor to research on building/district typologies (WP1), EeB solutions (WP2), and key performance indicators (WP3), especially based on the real client and end-user’s experience. The contribution focuses on the knowhow of daily operational processes, healthcare services and equipment. It also provides considerations on the real estate strategies for healthcare buildings and districts during the collaborative design process involving all stakeholders (WP4).

- Contributor to research in BIM/semantic product lifecycle modelling (T5.2) comprising the equipment, installations, and the connections with the building systems.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially regarding the establishment and mobilisation of the Implementers Community (IC) in conjunction with the real demonstration case, and benchmarking at EU level.


Key persons involved

- Mr. Arch. Filippo Terzaghi is an architect by education and practice. Since 2007 he has been Head of the Technical Department and Head of the Organizational Unit “Monitoring and Programming” of the AOUC of Florence. Previously he worked in the healthcare sector as a freelance architect.


- Mr. Andrea Giuntini is a mechanical engineer. He is the Energy Manager of the AOUC of Florence since 2011 and he was actively involved in the procedure of construction of the new trigeneration plant of the healthcare district. Previously he worked as Facility Manager of Consorzio Metis and as project planner of Basis Plant Services of Florence.


- Dr.Beatrice Turillazzi is an architect with a PhD in "Technology of Architecture". She works at Ipostudio as an architect since 1999 and as technical manager since 2010. She often collaborates on research projects carried out by the Department of Architecture at the University of Ferrara. She has been involved at Ipostudio in several EU research projects: Ariadne, Brite Euram 4670, IFD, EBOB, SuRE-FIT, Proficient. From March 2014 she signed a triennial contract with the University of Florence as Third Part of AOC to perform part of AOC’s work in the project. She remains the contact person for IAA.


- Arch. Luca Marzi has a Degree in Architecture at University of Florence and a PhD with a thesis dealing on Accessibility in Healthcare Facilities. He has carried out design and consulting activity for public authorities focusing on  accessibility and usability. He has carried out research activity dealing on management system of information related to accessibility. Since 1999 he is researcher at Department of Architecture and Design of University of Florence DiDA. In particular he is envisaged in the Monitoring Laboratory for the refurbishment of the Florence University Hospital. He has published scientific paper and articles on the following topics: design for all, management and monitoring systems for complex projects.


 - Mr. Ernesto Iadanza electronic and biomedical engineer,  received a Ph.D. degree in Telematics and Information Society at the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, in 2013. Secretary of the board of the IFMBE/Clinical Engineering Division. Appointed with the IBM Faculty Award 2013. Adjunct Professor in Clinical Engineering at the Department of Information Engineering, University of Florence. Researcher and consultant for the top management of the main hospitals in Tuscany (AOU-Careggi, AOU-Senese, AOU-Pisana). Designer and developer of the following healthcare facility management software: SACS, ASSO and SPOT. His main research fields are healthcare engineering, clinical engineering, and risk management in healthcare. Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and IFMBE (International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering).



 Filippo Terzaghi


Andrea Giuntini


Dr. Beatrice Turillazzi


Arch. Luca Marzi


Ernesto Iadanza

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