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Stichting Rijnstate Ziekenhuis

Rijnstate is a large hospital with multiple locations in Arnhem, Velp and Zevenaar in the Netherlands. The hospital district in Arnhem is the high-care location (72,000 m2). It serves 480.000 patients every year. Over the multiple locations, the hospital has a total area of 112,000 m2. It currently plans an extension project of 10.000 m2.

Rijnstate is a non-profit private entity (foundation). Around 5.000 staff work at Rijnstate, of who more than 300 medical doctors. Rijnstate is an academic hospital liaised with the Radboud university and academic medical centre in Nijmegen.


Some key figures (2011):

- 955 hospital beds

- 39,250 patient admissions (stay)

- 41,000 patient admissions (day)

- 588,300 policlinic patients

- 28 specialist care units

- 31 medical trainings

- 15 Intensive Care (IC) beds

- 22 surgery / operation rooms

- 4958 staff

- 317 medical specialists

- 550 voluntary staff

- 23% - 77% proportion of men – women staff


Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Task 7.2 on the demonstration case and practical validation in the Netherlands, in its role as the client/owner, building operator and main occupant of the real project.

- Contributor to research on building/district typologies (WP1), EeB solutions (WP2), and key performance indicators (WP3), especially based on the real client and end-user’s experience. The contribution focuses on the knowhow of daily operational processes, healthcare services and equipment. It also provides considerations on the real estate strategies for healthcare buildings and districts during the collaborative design process involving all stakeholders (WP4).

- Contributor to research in BIM/semantic product lifecycle modelling (T5.2) comprising the equipment, installations, and the connections with the building systems.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially regarding the establishment and mobilisation of the Implementers Community (IC) in conjunction with the real demonstration case, and benchmarking at EU level.


Key persons involved

- Willem Jan Hanegraaf (Project Manager) is an experienced project manager and development manager in hospital environment.

- Mr. Marc Koster (Real Estate Manager), has 10 years of experience in hospital maintenance and project development at Rijnstate Ziekenhuis. Prior to this position, he was the logistic coordinator at an international, independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid operating in many different countries.

- Mr. Johnny Janssen (Head of the Engineering Department), has more than 10 years of experience in electrical engineering.

- Mr. Pierre van Zuijlen (Project Advisor),has over 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering and ventilation systems. He has previously worked as a technical designer and mechanical engineer in various projects of public/service buildings.




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