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Mostostal Warszawa Spólka Akcyjna

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with a 60-year history. Mostostal is well recognised in realising various projects, such as bridges, buildings for public utility, industrial objects, activities from environmental protection areas, as well as roads or underground constructions. Mostostal activities extend to all areas and specialization fields in construction sector, both in project engineering and in works execution. Currently the company aims at increasing competitiveness of the services and implementation of new construction technologies. Mostostal is involved in many national associations like The Polish Association of Building Employers (PZBD) or The Polish Chamber of Steelworks (PIKS) that unite SMEs and large companies in order to create better quality of the Polish construction sector. The company is an active member of the Polish Construction Technology Platform (PPTB) as well as the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP). Moreover, through its R&D Department it actively participates in various international initiatives connected with RTD. During the last years it has participated in many multinational R&D projects within 6 FP, 7 FP, CIP, RFCS, being a coordinator of some of them. Mostostal is also very active in Polish national initiatives cooperating with research centres and high level Technical Universities.


Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Work Package 2 on EeB technology solutions at building components, MEP/HVAC systems, total building systems and their relation to the neighbourhood energy systems.

- Researcher on key performance indicators, energy assessment tools, and lifecycle design decisionsupport tools (WP3), especially regarding the long-term maintenance stage of the existing buildings and districts.

- Researcher on semantic design collaborative process and integrated procurement, especially representing the roles of the general contractor in a large-scale integrated project.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, and benchmarking at EU level, especially through its broad range of real projects and experience in the construction sector, its participation in ECTP, and its network in the EU12 countries.



Key persons involved

Mr. Juliusz Żach, MSc.  (Head of Research and DevelopmentDepartment) holds a degree in Environmental Engineering by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and is specialized in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. He has gained practical experience supervising realization of various HVAC projects in Poland. Mr. Żach, currently, leads the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction group of R&D Department of  Mostostal Warszawa S.A. where he is in charge of the development and implementation of some challenging projects, focused fundamentally on new solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in buildings. Mr. Zach was involved in the process of establishment of Energy Efficient Buildings Association (private part of EeB PPP) and is now responsible for the company’s activities related to membership in this organization. He coordinates the large-scale integrating collaborative project FC-DISTRICT “New m-CHP network technologies for energy efficient and sustainable districts” funded under FP7 NMP. He also supervises the realization of a national funded research project focused on sustainable multi-dwelling buildings.


-Mr. Piotr Dymarksi, M.Sc. (Head of Group Information and Communication Technologies) holds an Engineering Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering by the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), specialized in Radio Communication. Since 2006, he is coordinating the ICT Group of the R&D Department of Mostostal Warszawa and is involved in several National and European RTD Projects e.g.: Flexoline@home (FP6), EnPROVE (FP7), E3SoHo (FP7). He coordinated TIBUCON project (FP7). Mr. Dymarski is involved also in the activities of E2B Association being responsible for ICT activities of the company.


-Mrs. Anna Rokicka, M.Sc. (R&D Specialist) holds an Engineering Degree in Environmental Engineering by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in HVAC systems and Master Degree in Mechanical and Power Engineering by Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland) in Renewable Sources of Energy. She specializes in building physics and energy efficiency calculations.


 Juliusz Zach



Piotr Dymarski



 Anna Rokicka



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