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Stichting Rijnstate Ziekenhuis

The Rijnstate healthcare district is situated in the north of Arnhem, the capital town of the Province of Gelderland, in the Netherlands. It is a 72,000 m2 large-scale complex which also consists of educational buildings (in conjunction with Radboud University Nijmegen) and is connected to apartment buildings for elderly people.

Currently, Rijnstate is preparing a 10,000 m2 large-scale extension project, which aims to add several new policlinic buildings, improve the public space for visitors, create a healing environment for patients and high-quality workspaces. The project will be combined with the mid-life renovation planned for 2016 to replace the existing, outdated MEP systems with an up-to-date green system with minimum or zero CO2 emission.

Scope of the energy-efficient demonstration case for STREAMER, focusing on the design stage: Based on the new integrated Master Plan –which inco rporates the goals concerning architecture, landscape, infrastructure, parking and logistics– 5 design scenarios for the extension and large-scale renovation are examined regarding the feasibility in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and, at the same time, the contribution to reduction of energy use and CO2 emission. BIM and GIS will be used at this early-design stage to analyse the 5 scenarios as well as to map the CO2 footprint of the healthcare district prior to decision-making.

Targeted real impacts through this STREAMER demonstration case: Energy-related investigation in this project will be performed in synergy with the on-going EU project RES-Hospital, which focuses on new systems at building and neighbourhood scale based on renewable energy sources.










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