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The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust 

 is a 500-bed acute unit in the North of England. The district was constructed in phases with the initial building (Phase 1) opening in 1978. Phase 2 was opened in 1984 with Phase 3 opening in 1994. The present size of the main hospital building GIA is around 67,000 m2 with a Heated Volume of around 179,000 m3. There are several other outbuildings on site, some of which have

their own heating and ventilation services.

Scope of the energy-efficient demonstration case for STREAMER, focusing on the design stage: The whole Building Management System (BMS) is in need of a major upgrade and this would be the prioritised retrofitting project of the district.

Allied to the proposed BMS improvements would be major improvement in the overall building fabric. Any improvements in the BMS would be negated if the building itself was inefficient, i.e. poor thermal insulation, single glazed or ill-fitting windows, etc. The Estates Strategy will allow greater utilisation of its existing space and reduce the cost of managing and maintaining buildings.

Targeted real impacts through this STREAMER demonstration case: The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT) participates in the NHS Carbon Management Programme in partnership with the Carbon Trust. A 5 year Carbon Management Plan (CMP) was produced where areas of wastage were identified and addressed. A target of 30% reduction in building related carbon emissions was set during the life of the CMP.







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