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This section offers your background information about the state-of-the-art that forms the starting point for the research within STREAMER. At the same time, it describes the knowledge context of the STREAMER playing field.



  • Introduction

The contents will be extended during the course of the STREAMER project. 



The expected impact of 50% reduction of energy consumption of healthcare districts in the next 10 years that will be measured during the project refers to the actual demonstration cases of 4 hospital districts with actual (from now until 2020) energy-efficient building (EeB) design plans:


1. The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom 
2. Stichting Rijnstate Ziekenhuis, Arnhem, the Netherlands 
3. Azienda Ospidaliero - Universitaria Careggi (AOUC), Firenze, Italy 
4. Assistance Publique-Hopitaux te Paris, (AP-HP) France


The outcomes of STREAMER will be validated through action research in the design phase of the new buildings and retrofitting projects in the 4 healthcare districts described above. The building, district and project types, sizes and scopes are representative to the EU typologies. All cases are large scale hospitals in mixed-used healthcare districts including offices and other buildings. Three cases (NL, IT, FR) involve academic hospitals where hospitals are combined with the university facilities.


In STREAMER design optimisation, BEM (Building Energy Model- based on semantic BIM + GIS) will be developed for each of the above mentioned hospital, including the energy calculation.


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