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Azienda Ospidaliero-Universitaria Careggi

The University Hospital Campus of Careggi functions as a district within the urban system of Florence. The healthcare district covers 74,000 m2, 170 health and administrative facilities, 25 Pavilions, 1,650 beds. The hospital has 5,670 employees and 130,000 visitors each year. The healthcare district is part of the large and internationally renowned university. Since 2000, it has embarked on a long path of reconfiguration in order to adapt to the evolution in biotechnology and renewed ideas about healthcare. The annual energy use is equivalent to that of 21,000 dwellings.

Scope of the energy-efficient demonstration case for STREAMER, focusing on the design stage: The strategic programme of sustainable transformations, called "New Careggi" stressed the interdependence and conversion of the pavilion system into an integrated building network. Energy-efficiency and low-carbon emission are addressed by the new natural gas power tri-generation plant, which produces electricity, heat and chilled water for air conditioning. It meets the today’s highest energy saving and environmental standards. The new design approach emphasises the diversity of inter-building relationships, organisation of individual sub-systems according to its own logic and the logic of the relevant external system. The design should be in full compliance with the complex requirements of a large healthcare institution. It includes a complete overhaul of the entire electricity and heat distribution systems of all buildings within the healthcare and university districts.



Targeted real impacts through this STREAMER demonstration case: The new healthcare district’s energy management system allows the emission reduction per year by 180 tons of sulphur dioxide and 24 tons of particulate matter. The new design approach will become a precedence of the flexible methodology that is able to absorb and foresee changes and synergies between: building and landscape design; energy, building operation and healthcare management; and district and urban logistics and energy systems.







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