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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 4: Participatory Design Framework

This work package is led by partner NCC AB (NCC). The aim is to develop process roadmaps, techniques and guidelines to effectively manage the information flow, knowledge integration, communication and decision-making in the participatory semantics-driven design process according to the principles of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Collaborative process of semantics-drive design: This task deals with collaborative processes across the main lifecycle phases of a building (program, design, build and operate), with the focus on the integrated design process. Defining the most effective collaborative processes is important to be able to determine the most appropriate  Level of Detail (LoD)during modelling process of the artefact associated all scales, ranging components to buildings and neighbourhood areas.

Semantic knowledge management: This task will further develop the approach for semantic knowledge management, based on Evidence-Based Design (EBD) which is innovative and effective for designing healthcare buildings. Research will include the aspects of: collaborative and participatory knowledge acquisition, linking data to support knowledge capture; and multi-agent and distributed reasoning and knowledge management in the semantic context.

EeB IPD framework: Procurement procedures for health infrastructure are traditionally risk averse, and often bound by governmental guidelines and rules, which makes it not easy for health facility managers to underline the high priority of carbon reduction measures before boards and the supply chain. For this reason, STREAMER introduces a new and EU- eligible IPD approach. This approach foresees that at the project initiation, a participatory design team is established involving all professional domains across the design, construction, operation and maintenance stages of the buildings.




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