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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 5: Semantics-driven design method

This work package is led by partner AEC3 Ltd (AEC).The aim is to leverage the semantic-driven design method for participatory designing of energy-efficient hospital buildings and districts in the most effective way using advanced semantic ontologies, product lifecycle management, and parametric modelling techniques, which reflect the inter-dependencies and interactions between medical installations and the energy systems of buildings and districts.

Semantic ontologies for EeB: Recent studies (A. Yurshichina; K. Bouzidi) have demonstrated the maturity of reasoning techniques applied to the construction domain in order to facilitate the design of regulatory compliant construction components of buildings. These techniques are based on the semantic representation of knowledge (ontologies and annotations) as well as the formalisation of regulatory documents; thus, making it possible to analyse design options against the regulations (i.e. fire safety, disable access in public buildings, etc.). Within this task, Streamer will take further steps in relevant ontology research and build a knowledge base that will represent a framework for the practical implementation by the design team, stakeholders, building occupants.

Model-based Product Lifecycle Management: Within this task, STREAMER will explore and exploit  the functionalities of merging knowledge sources (i.e. embedded into various sources like product catalogues, regulations or expert knowhow), and the collaborative design processes, developing an advanced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool in order to capture and support the organisational and workflow processes throughout their lifecycle (equipment, installations, utilities, and buildings)

Parametric modelling and object libraries: While CAD systems are evolving and improving the understanding of what their users are modelling, the state of the art solutions are still targeted towards specific users within a specific discipline. This task will further develop the parametric modelling techniques (the current approach) and will work on setting up model libraries in an open format, based on parametric extension of CAD/BIM applications integrated in the open standard IFC, enabling the knowledge storage in a distributed way for a multidisciplinary use.




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