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7th Framework Programme  

Working Package 6: Interoperable design tools

This work package is led by partner Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie (KIT). The aim is to develop, test and validate the design tools and interoperability solutions, which will be used to support the participatory design in terms of product and process modelling in relation to Semantic BIM+GIS

Semantic design configurator: This task will develop a design configurator based on the latest generation of Semantic Web technology. It directly responds to the current shift in building industry towards adaptable design and industrialisation in the majority of projects (80% /20% product development rule). In this new situation, the programming activities are not performed for each individual customer but for a whole market segment, and the design is not made just for one building artefact, but for a parametric family of artefacts that can be configured by a particular customer. In this way, knowledge can be reused and accumulated over time in the parametric design, so that failure cost and other mistakes can be prevented.

Building and neighbourhood energy simulator:  Main activities in this task are: interconnecting operational models and tools in a flexible way to enable upgrading towards more detailed energy calculation tools; developing the interface between building and neighbourhood energy simulation tools, leading to a smart grid energy simulation model. 

Integration platform for BIM and GIS data: In the design phase of a complex project like a healthcare district, the data vary widely. These data are highly distributed and heterogeneous, thereby implying the use of multiple models and resources. Within this task researchers will try to identify and solve the interoperability barriers and gaps in order to foster the integration between energy-related BIM and GIS data to optimise the EeB design. Further, this task will define the strategy how BIM and GIS-based energy performance assessments tools that can be coupled with the product lifecycle models in order to be straightforward and easy to use.





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