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7th Framework Programme  

Work Package 7: Demonstration and validation

This work package is led by partner Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA). The aim is to create comprehensive design models of the real projects in BIM/GIS/SW to be used as the main platforms to demonstrate and validate STREAMER’s design methods, tools, and EeB technological innovations. Further, it aims to to pave the way for the pilot implementation of STREAMER’s results in conjunction with the real design challenges and actual new design and retrofitting projects of healthcare districts.


Throughout the project, demonstration and validation will be done on 2 levels simultaneously, directly related with the RTD work packages:

·          Demonstration and validation at technical/operational level

·          Demonstration and validation at strategic/conceptual level

These main activities will be conducted in association with 4 real projects within task 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4, as follows:

Demonstration project in the UK: NHS general hospital in Rotherham, UK, focusing on upgrade of Building Management Systems and major improvements in overall building fabric.

Demonstration project in the Netherlands: Rijnstate academic hospital in Arnhem, NL, focusing on mid-life renovation to replace MEP systems and 10,000 m2 extension and new buildings. Effort  for demonstration by RNS is proportionally higher than other demonstration cases because real design for large-scale retrofitting and significant new extension projects are undertaken. This will represent the most important ‘field lab’ for STREAMER.

Demonstration project in Italy: AOCC academic hospital in Florence, IT, focusing on overhaul of electricity and heat distribution and optimisation of inter-building functions.

Demonstration project France: AP-HP general hospital in Paris, FR, focusing on improvement of logistic and waste systems and re-arrangement of building spaces.

Benchmarking at EU level: Within this task, benchmarking is an assessment approach in which energy-related metrics measured or estimated at one facility are compared to those from other facilities and/or specific performance targets. Metrics can be specified at the level of facility, a building, a functional area within a building or specific systems or operations. Benchmarks can be derived from distributions of metric values obtained from facilities having similar functionality or characteristics, from engineering analysis or building simulation modelling, or from expert knowledge of standard and best practices.





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