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7th Framework Programme  

Freek Bomhof MSc.
The Netherlands


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August 2017



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May 2016



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January 2015



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Cross Related Projects


web-based enerGy management system foR the optimization of the EnErgy coNsumption in Hospitals


The GREEN@Hospital project aims at integrating the latest ICT solutions in order to obtain a significant energy saving in existing hospital buildings, through a better management of energy resources and losses reduction.

Within the project a Web-based Energy Management and Control Systems – Web-EMCS– will be developed. It will integrate, monitor and control multiple buildings systems at the component level. Moreover models to assess the energy savings will be developed and algorithms for consumption optimisation implemented.
The proposed solution will be also supported by a Maintenance Energy Service, specifically developed and integrated in the Web-EMCS to maintain optimal energy efficiency after initial efforts.
Four different hospitals have been selected across Europe to take part in the pilot in order to demonstrate the validity of the proposed solution under real operating conditions. Each hospital will make available specific areas selected considering the presence of: 1) renewable energy sources, 2) already available building management systems that can be easily integrated in the Web-EMCS, 3) refurbishing plans aiming at energy efficiency improvement.

The study will be the basis for possible replications of the solutions taking into account savings and return of investments.

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