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Freek Bomhof MSc.
The Netherlands


3rd STREAMER newsletter

August 2017



2nd STREAMER newsletter

May 2016



1st STREAMER newsletter

January 2015



Streamer 2nd Leaflet

Exploitation Strategy Seminar – Stockholm (Sweden)

Projects like STREAMER are not meant to keep researchers busy. They are meant to create results that solve real-world problems and that benefit Europe’s economy. The STREAMER project partners play an important role in this: they will be the ones that are going to exploit the results – creating the outcomes that STREAMER is aiming at (energy reduction), and leading to a more competitive European industry.

To support the successful exploitation of the project results, an Exploitation Strategy Seminar was organized in Stockholm, hosted by STREAMER project partner Locum.
Mr Peter Moran presented the STREAMER partners with a very insightful presentation on the ways results can be exploited and protected. To this end, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) were explained more deeply.

With this knowledge in mind, the STREAMER consortium has identified its Key Exploitable Results: the project outputs that are most relevant likely to be exploited in a commercially attractive way. All results were described and discussed, and especially associated risks were identified, of course taking into account any countermeasures to reduce the risks.

The first ESS gave the consortium a good taste of what the STREAMER project results will be in terms of exploitability. However, some results are still subject to elaboration so it was decided that additional ESS meetings would be needed to carve out these results more precisely and identify which partners take ownership for them.

The meeting was concluded with a facility tour on the newly built facilities of the Karolinska Institute, and many partners took the opportunity to organize dedicated technical meetings.

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