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3rd STREAMER newsletter

August 2017



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May 2016



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January 2015



Streamer 2nd Leaflet

Mid Term Review meeting in Brussels (BE) 

On the 24th September 2015 the Mid Term Review meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium. All consortium members and the EC Project Technical Advisor (Mr. Dimitrios Karadimas) were present.


The Mid-term review started with a project overview by Martjan den Hoed (DJG) in which he sketched how the architecture’s design work would be impacted as a result of STREAMER results. After that, Karl-Heinz Schäfele (KIT) demonstrated the Early Design Configurator, André van Delft (DMO) showed how the Dashboard would be working, and Matthias Weise (AEC) showed the software that checks on the completeness and quality of the exchanged data. Then, each work package presented its results so far. Another positive observation: the project is half-way now, and all deliverables until M24 have been submitted.

Almost immediately after the mid-term review, the PTA (Mr Dimitrios Karadimas) was able to share his summary of the review with us. Next the EC PTA wrote his Summary report and sent it to the Coordinator/Operational Coordinator and the previous EC PO (Mr Alexandre D’Angelo on the 24th of September 2015). Like any good review, it confirms and underlines a number of positive points found in the project, and it also contains a number of observations on topics that can be improved, and suggestions to improve. The observations are to-the-point and will help to continue and conclude STREAMER in a successful way.


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