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Freek Bomhof MSc.
The Netherlands


3rd STREAMER newsletter

August 2017



2nd STREAMER newsletter

May 2016



1st STREAMER newsletter

January 2015



Streamer 2nd Leaflet

Streamer Consortium Meeting in Paris (FR)

A three day  consortium meeting was held on 10th -12th of March 2014 in Paris and gathered almost all partners of the Streamer project. The goal of the meeting was  to present the current status of the progress of the project and to come to  a comprehensive understanding on how to go forward with the Streamer project and define actions and planned work for the next 6 months.       
During the meeting participants attended the detailed workshop on ICT, where the basis introduction into BIM was presented and also demonstration of BIM-GIS integration and Parametric Modelling with a live demo. Also a workshop on Bouwcollege model – building differentiation methodology took place.             
The site visit to the Assistance Publique – Hopitaux de Paris (AP-HP) hospital was organized, where the validation of energy efficient solution within the project will be implemented. AP-HP is the largest university hospital in Europe. It employs 90,000 professionals including 20,000 physicians and 70,000 staff members. The extensive and diversified real estate spans 3.5 million square meters ofbuilt area allocated of 52 hospital sites. AP - HP offers a capacity of 23,000 beds including 350 intensive care beds and has served more than 7 million patients in 2011. AP-HP’s annual energy bill is EUR 80 million, and therefore, energy-efficiency receives much attention at all management levels.



Consortium partners in the hall



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