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Freek Bomhof MSc.
The Netherlands


3rd STREAMER newsletter

August 2017



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May 2016



1st STREAMER newsletter

January 2015



Streamer 2nd Leaflet

STREAMER Consortium meeting in Florence (IT)

A three day consortium meeting was held on 24th -26th of September 2014 in Florence and gathered all partners of the Streamer project.

The goals for the Assembly were:

  •  to conclude explorative research and move towards result development,
  •  to ensure and improve the practicality of results through demonstration case and cross-learning with another project,
  • to agree on the work plan and project management for the next period.


The first day, the traditional WP presentations were replaced by two panel discussions with moderators and panel members chosen among active (leading) researchers in the latest phase of the STREAMER project.


The second day was devoted to the practical elaboration of STREAMER concepts.

Demonstration and visit of different site buildings were important to allow the consortium understanding the Careggi situation and expectations from the STREAMER point of view.

  • Three aspects of the campus were highlighted: the entrance building, the San Luca complex and the energy plant.
  • The Careggi SACS system and the Rijnstate BIM model were presented.
  • Representative of Green@Hospital project was invited in order to exchange knowledge between the research teams.


The third day was an administrative day, focused on the organization of the project and the preparation of the following 6 months.


Some technical discussion sessions were held at the end of both day two and three.


General Assembly group picture




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