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Deliverable Report

Below you can find all available deliverable reports prepared so far within STREAMER project.


D1.1 Taxonomy of healthcare districts focusing on EeB morphology and features


D1.3 Mapping of energy related problems and potential optimisation


D1.4 Multi-scale and multi-stage scenarios for energy-efficiency retrofitting


D1.5 Coherent state-of-the-art design guidelines for energy-efficient healthcare districts 


D2.1 EeB technologies for MEP systems of healthcare buildings


D2.4 EeB technlogies for building envelope and space of healthcare buildings


D2.7 EeB technologies for synergy between building and neighbourhood energy systems


D2.8 Set of EeB solutions on district level


D3.1 Building oriented EeB KPIs of newly designed and retrofitting buildings


D3.2 Building and process-oriented EeB KPIs


D3.3 Review and benchmarking energy tools


D4.1 Framework for management of information flow, design actors and collaboration in virtual design and construction


D4.1 Appendix


D4.2 Process roadmap of participatory semantic-driven design


D4.3 Techniques for knowledge retrieval


D4.4 Techniques of knowledge management in participatory semantic-driven designing


D4.5 IPD contract recommendations and best practices


D5.1 State-of-the-art review of advancements and challenges in ontology research


D5.2 Semantic web base Product Modelling Ontology (PMO)


D5.3 PLM Architecture for EeB within the context of healthcare districts


D5.5 Parametric modelling techniques for EeB


D6.5 Advance Mapping Structures and Standards


D6.6 Report on improved data integration platform


D6.8 Intermediate report on improved data integration platform


D7.2 UK Validation through participatory design session


D7.4 Real case in NL: Validation through participatory design session


D7.6 Italy Validation through participatory design session


D7.8 Real case in France: Validation through participatory design session


D7.9 State-of-the-art of energy-efficient healthcare districts


D7.10 Benchmarking of EeB design innovations in the EU


D8.1 Implementers Community and Valorisation


D8.2 Knowledge dissemination in cooperation with other EU programmes 


D8.4 Public website and project consortium website 


D8.5 Training materials on BIM and GIS, evidence based  and design Decision Support tools for hospitals


D8.6 Newsletters and publications: overview report


D8.7 Recommendations for new and retrofitted EeB HD


D8.8 Recommendations to BuildingSMART, OGC, W3C on open-standards improvement



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