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AEC3 is a consulting company specialising in research, development and application of building information modelling BIM technologies. It has offices in UK and Germany, and works with clients (designers, construction companies, owners and operators) helping them to adopt and implement interoperable open BIM workflows.

AEC3 is a leading organisation for developing and using IT standards for the exchange and sharing of building information. AEC3 personnel provide leadership in the development of Industry Foundation Classes IFC, the open BIM standard how in process of becoming a formal ISO standard as ISO16739. AEC3 has also been instrumental in developing the neighbourhood standards Information Delivery Manual, IDM (ISO29481), and the Framework for BIM Guidelines (ISO12911). AEC3 works with and contributes to standardization organisations such as ISO, buildingSMART, British Standards and DIN.

AEC3 has been working in the area of data interoperability between the building and construction domain and the GIS / City model domain; the utilization of BIM for various evaluation and simulation tasks; the integration of the BIM tools of architects, engineers and operators with energy analysis tools; and the methods to transform the different data models using in BIM (IFC, gbXML) for the use in energy analysis tools and services. As part of the overall consultancy services that AEC3 provides for clients it also focuses on new ways of working, including the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). The company has gathered experience through their work in numerous European projects including ISTforCE, ICCI, prodAEC, SWOP, InPro, STAND-INN and HESMOS.


Main roles in STREAMER

Key roles in the STREAMER project:

- Leader of Work Package 5 on semantic design method, especially focusing on the open integration of data, product and process modelling.

- Lead investigator in the development of semantic design tools, energy analysis tools, and the integration of BIM and GIS data.

- Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in the UK, and benchmarking at EU level.

- Main contributor to standardisation in BIM domain, especially through its role as the chair ofBuildingSMART.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially through its international network in the BIM domain, and benchmarking at EU level.


Key persons involved

- Dr.-Ing. Thomas Liebich (Director) is an architect who specializes in process integration and data interoperability in AEC/FM. He is the project leader for IFC development within buildingSMART and he chairs the ISO 16739 team. Beside working on open standards, he provides strategic BIM consulting services focusing on adopting an implementing open BIM environments in companies and organisations, comprising all organizational, contractual, process related, education related and technological aspects of the change management process.


- Mr. Nicholas Nisbet (Director) is an architect and software developer with focus of innovative software development in the area of visualisation and multi-purpose analysis of designs based on production information. His experience includes extracting data from CAD for various performance analyses based on open Standards. He led the work on ISO12911 Framework for building information modelling guidance. Currently he works actively on extending the open BIM framework to include parametrics and product manufacturer catalogues.


- Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weise (Development Manager) is a structural engineer and software developer with focus on innovative software development in the area of model transformation, filtering and validation. He also works on the continuous process improvement by better software utilization and process change. He is active in the IFC and ifcXML development process and collaborates with the well-known CIFE institute at Stanford university to transform gbXML and IFC building data for energy simulation and optimization.




 Dr. Ing. Thomas Liebich

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