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Locum AB

Locum AB is one of Sweden’s larger property managers with a property portfolio of about 2.1 million square metres in the Stockholm region. The major tenants are healthcare institutions in Stockholm County. Stockholm County Council owns a large property stock that includes premises primarily used for healthcare. The book value of these properties is SEK 11.1 billion, and they represent a significant portion of the County Council’s total assets. Locum AB has been assigned by the owner to manage this property stock. This includes responsibility for rentals, property development and other property transactions. The healthcare properties are nearly always located in central portions of the catchment area. University and emergency hospitals are normally situated in urban centres, community healthcare is more spread out and also governed by requirements for easy accessibility. County Council-owned healthcare units are not obliged to choose Locum as a landlord, even though Locum premises should be given first preference. Locum also leases premises on the external market for the County Council’s various activities. These are mostly premises used for healthcare not tied to the large hospitals and where the County Council does not have suitable premises of its own. A growing part of operations relates to other property-linked services, known as facility management services. Locum AB is 100% owned by the Stockholm County Council. The County Council’s properties are carried as assets in a separate profit unit on the County Council, Landstingsfastigheter Stockholm (LFS – Stockholm County Council Real Estate), where the properties’ revenue, costs and earnings are reported. The owner’s long term return requirement for the property management operations at LFS is 7% on equity.


Main roles in STREAMER

- Contributing the practical experience, advice and data for research on hospital building and district typology, design baseline for new energy-efficient hospitals, and energy-efficiency retrofitting scenarios for existing buildings/districts (all tasks in WP1).

- Researcher in examining the operational and financial benefits of the technological solutions and measures for energy-efficient buildings, in terms of building envelope and space layout and MEP/HVAC systems (T2.1 and T2.2), especially considering the long-term operation and maintenance work which in relation to the collaborative design and integrated project delivery (T4.1 and T4.3).

- Researcher in the development of key performance indicators and lifecycle design decision-support tool of energy-efficient hospital buildings and districts (T3.1 and T3.3).

- Researcher in the development of BIM/GIS/Semantic design ontologies and configuration tool for healthcare-related buildings (T5.1 and T6.1).

- Perform a benchmarking over a number of hospital building and district projects, and actively participate in knowledge dissemination and valorization, in particular through EuHPN (T7.5, T8.1 and T8.2).


Key persons involved

- Mr. Mikael Nutsos (Technology Strategist). Mikael have worked with hospital buildings and energy issues for many years. One of the projects he has initiated and implemented was “Negawatt”, which was a cooperation between Locum AB and the Swedish Energy Agency prior to the introduction of the energy certificates in Sweden. In the STREAMER project, Mikael will be supported by the BIM specialists of Locum AB.

- Ms. Saija Thacker (Technical Director).

- Ms. Emma Kinch (Real Estate Director).




 Mikael Nutsos

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