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Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction is one of the world's leading construction companies in the building, civil works, electrical contracting, and maintenance sectors. Organised as seven complementary entities, it has proven expertise in financing, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings and structures, offering its customers a vast range of innovative solutions. With 54,000 employees throughout the world, the Bouygues Group generated sales of 9.8 billion euros in 2011. In all its businesses in France and abroad (building, civil works, energy and services), Bouygues increasingly operates within the framework of end-to-end contracts (public-private partnerships or concessions), which allow it to deliver high added value. Sustainable construction is a strategic priority for all the Bouygues Group’s entities, which offer customers solutions to improve the environmental performance of buildings and structures throughout their entire life cycle. This approach is gradually broadening out to the scale of the neighbourhood or the city, taking account of personal travel, water and waste management, energy and services. Bouygues has developed high-level expertise in public-private partnerships and concessions, both in France and elsewhere, and especially in the healthcare sector. These projects enable Bouygues to offer its customers the full range of its skills. In the property development segment, it can draw on a network of specialist firms in France (Sodéarif and Cirmad) and around Europe and on specific investment funds, especially for low-energy and high environmental quality buildings. In May 2011, the Bouygues Group created the R&D and Innovation Department to define crosscompany research subjects, to strengthen the innovation culture, and to capitalise on knowledge between entities. It chooses the priority topics and determines the responsible parties, the budgets, deliverables and the timetable.


Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Task 4.1 on semantic design collaborative process, especially representing the roles of the general contractor in a large-scale integrated project.

- Lead investigator in the development of collaborative design processes and the supporting BIM and GIS tools, especially representing the roles of the contractor as a targeted end-user of these tools.

- Researcher in EeB technology solutions for building and MEP/HVAC systems.

- Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in France, and benchmarking at EU level.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially through its broad range of real projects and experience in the construction sector and its participation in ECTP.


Key persons involved

- Mr. Thierry Juif (Engineer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, France – R&D Project Manager in the Sustainable Construction Core Competency Department). He has been working in Bouygues Construction for more than twenty years, at several Technical Departments of the group in France and International subsidiaries, with a special focus on design management in Public-Private-Partnership and Design & Build healthcare projects. He is the key person of Bouygues Construction in Clear-Up project (FP7/2007-2013). He joined the R&D and Innovation Department of the Bouygues Group a year ago, as Project Manager for major R&D projects. He will be the key person of Bouygues Construction for the STREAMER project.


- Mr. Claude Rolland (Engineer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Etudes et Techniques d’Armement, France, and Civil Administrator of the French Administration from the Ecole Nationale de l’Administration – Director of the Healthcare Division of Bouygues Construction). Since 6 years, he is in charge of the identification of construction operations of health facilities in France and Europe, coordination of bids and expertise on the functioning of healthcare buildings for all subsidiaries of Bouygues Construction. He also controls the capitalization of research and best practices developed on the construction of hospitals. He was previously Head of the Office of Hospital Engineering of the Ministry of Health where he was responsible for technical regulations applied to hospitals and clinics, as well as the national policy for investment properties.



 Thierry Juif

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