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NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region. The NCC Group had sales value of SEK 53 billion in 2011, with approximately 17,500 employees. NCC develops, builds and renovates residential and commercial properties, industrial facilities and public buildings, roads, civil engineering structures and other types of infrastructure. NCC also provides materials used in construction, such as aggregates and asphalt, and conducts paving and road services.

NCC has been working on industrializing the construction process in various ways through standardisation in design, economies of scale, and strategic volumes in the purchasing process. An adequate planning is prerequisite for an industrialized process; for this purpose, NCC widely extents the use of BIM models in all projects. For energy-efficiency renovations, NCC has a concept named as ‘Sustainable Renovations’ that combines energy-efficiency, smart finance and industrialized thinking, which have successfully offered real-estate owners the cost-effective technical solutions delivered through collaborative contracts. NCC is currently involved in large renovations of hospitals, such as the University Hospital in Linköping with a current contract of SEK 600 million. NCC’s vision is to be the leading company in the development of future environments for working, living and communication. Its competitive edge derives from its production and aftermarket expertise, its large size and financial strength combined with a strong local presence. By thinking globally and acting locally, NCC strengthens its products and services, thus creating the conditions for continued profitable growth. This strategy is integrally supported by research, development and sharing experience. NCC has a long-standing experience in collaborating and leading EU research projects, such as: EBOB, PV-Nord, InPro, E2ReBuild, and SCC.


Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Work Package 4 on semantic design collaborative process, knowledge management and integrated project delivery, especially representing the roles of the general contractor in a large-scale integrated project.

- Researcher on EeB technologies for buildings and districts and the energy assessment tools.

- Researcher on BIM – GIS design tools, especially in relation to Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, and benchmarking at EU level, especially through its broad range of real projects and experience in the construction sector.


Key persons involved

- Dr. Christina Claeson-Jonsson (Senior R&D project manager). Christina’s research mainly focusses on structures, industrialised processes and energy. She was the Coordinator of the EUfunded research projects EBOB (FP5 ENERGIE), InPro (FP6), E2ReBuild (FP7), and had a leading role in ManuBuild (FP6). She has over 15 years’ experience in research, as well as in the design and construction processes. Christina currently holds a position as Adjunct Professor the department of Construction Management of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, where her main interests include collaborative processes and decision support using modern ICT tools.


- Dr. Elsa Fahlén (Technical expert on energy systems and R&D project manager at NCC). Elsa’s R&D activities focuses on energy-efficient design and renovation of buildings, and on energy systems, including renewable energy sources as well as district heating and cooling. Her PhD thesis addresses the sustainable district-heating systems. Elsa’s particular research interest at present is the energy simulation and performance optimization of integrated building and neighbourhood energy systems, in combination with the BIM and GIS based energy performance assessment tools.


- Ms. Maria Freeney (Head of NCC Virtual Construction). With a 15 year background in construction management, extensive experience from energy renovations for example from Västerås hospital, and hands-on experience regarding implementation of BIM in projects, Maria Freeney is the present Head of the Unit in NCC that daily works with strategy as well as practical work in relation to Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).




 Dr. Christina Claeson-Jonsson



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