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Becquerel Electric

Becquerel Electric S.r.l. is an engineering company, with headquarters based in Reggio Emilia and branch offices in Bologna and Lamezia Terme. Its core business covers RES (renewable energy sources – photovoltaics, wind power, biomass, small and micro-hydropower) power plant development, design and consulting throughout the Italian territory. Becquerel is currently involved in various ways and at different level in several R&D projects such asurban small-wind turbines, photovoltaic condensers, architectural integration of photovoltaics systems, energy efficiency in buildings, LCA wind power technology testing. Technicians, engineers and architects associated with Becquerel Electric (some of them are currently PhD candidates at University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture) regularly take an active part in the national scientific community of RES.

Having reached the status of the engineering company for many industrial firms in Emilia Romagna focus has been placed on investments in RES projects, Becquerel has managed a subsistent track-record up to date, made up of several competitive tenders, which successfully ended in 2010 resulting in 7 MW of PV power plants and up to 17 MW of PV power plants fully authorized (and some of them already producing energy) in 2011. The same attitude has driven Becquerel Electric in cooperating with Municipalities and Public Administrations, as well as assisting Mayors and Deputies in the development of effective energy policies.


Main roles in STREAMER

-  Lead investigator in Work Package 2 on EeB technologies, with the focus on district energy systems and the connection with the building MEP systems, based on a broad range of engineering experience.

-   Researcher in energy assessment and simulation tools, representing the roles of the energy specialist / technical designer.

-   Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in Italy, and benchmarking at the EU level.

-   Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially making use of real engineering practice.


Key persons involved

- Dr. Giacomo Bizzarri is an engineer and PhD in Energetic at University of Udine. He is currently an Assistant Professor in “Environmental Technical Physics” and “Industrial Technical Physics” at the University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture, where he is also Contract Professor of “Technologies of Environmental Protection and Restoration” and Vice-Director of the Research Centre “Architettura-Energia”. He is the chairman of the scientific referees committee in the European Project LIFE-LAKS (local accountability for Kyoto goals). Author of the Energy Plans for the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia and Parma, he is also author of more than 70 scientific papers (national and international journals and conferences) and designer and co designer of HVAC, wind power, photovoltaics and mini-hydro plants.


- Mrs. Elena Mainini, M. Bus. Adm. is the financial advisor of Becquerel Electric. She has been working for many years as clients personal advisors in one of the major banks in Italy, following investments in funds portfolio and special projects. Master Degree in Economic and Business and Administration at the University of Parma, she is assisting Becquerel Electric in all its latest financing regarding in particular one 430 kW photovoltaic plant, some hydro plants and the refurbishing of old mills where Becquerel is upgrading the old wheels with the new more efficient Archimedean screw for the electricity production from the existing heads in the old channels of Emilia Romagna. Elena is also supporting Becquerel in the definition of the crowdfunding procedures that the Company is developing to support the financing of two hydro plants in the Appennines Mountaines within the Proficient European Project, where Becquerel is one of the partner.


 - Prof. Alberto Bizzarri is an engineer at University of Bologna. In the last thirty years he has been Associate Professor in “Hydraulic Special Plants (i.e. hydroelectric plants)” and “Environmental safeguard of the territory” at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Engineering, expert in energetics, energy plants, landfill disposal plants, cleansing stations and large infrastructures. He has been one of the member of the team that design the last largest pumping dam-hydro plants in Italy. In the last thirty years he has worked for many Public Boards being also one of the five national delegated of the National Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Board (ISPRA), being permanent consultant of the National Service of the Civil Protection (Protezione Civile) during flood and other environmental crisis.


- Mr. Leonardo Fumelli, M.Sc.Civ. Eng. at the University of Bologna, he is currently the chief engineer of the infrastructure design department in Becquerel. He is co-designer of more than 30 MW of solar photovoltaic plants. He is also in charge of the O&M activities on the MEP plants managed by Becquerel Electric, having a full acknowledge of the BIM models and software as well, especially in relation to their potential in terms of energy management. In the last three years, together with Bizzarri, he has been co-director of works in large industrial plants.


Mr. Andrea Valeriani, M.Sc.Civ. Eng. is a Senior Civil Engineer with a Master of Science at Bologna University. He is one of Becquerel senior designer with a large experience in energy plants and civil works. He has been co-work directors in some of Becquerel plants; with a solid expertise in the environmental sector as well (e.g. landfill disposal, etc.). He normally directs Becquerel activities in civil sectors and architectures.


- Mr. Matteo Cantagalli, M.Sc.Civ., is a Senior Civil Engineer with a Master of Science at Bologna University. He is one of Becquerel senior designer with a large experience in energy plants and computational fluid dynamic models. He is an expert in plant optimization with particular reference to energy and hydraulic infrastructures. He is the director of the data laboratory in Becquerel.



Dr. Giacomo Bizarri


Eleonora Mainini


Prof. Alberto Bizzarri


Leonardo Fumelli




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