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DEMO Consultants BV

DEMO Consultants is an independent consultancy firm (an SME) dealing with strategic management, technical advice and software modelling for the real estate sector. DEMO Consultants creates innovative software products offering tools for investment appraisal, portfolio management, strategic decision making and maintenance planning. DEMO works for various clients: public and private, profit and non-profit organisations.

DEMO personnel consist of building engineers, real estate managers, building economists, and software developers. Together they have one focus: sustainable real estate. DEMO Consultants aims to contribute to maintaining a sustainable, social and culturally rich environment.DEMO Consultants participates in national and international R&D-projects, working in close collaboration with its customers and selected associated researchers.


Main roles in STREAMER  

- Leader of Work Package 3 on EeB performance optimisation, especially focusing on the tool and software development for energy analysis and design decision support.

- Leader of Task 8.2 on knowledge dissemination, including the main responsibility of the public and project websites and dissemination materials.

- Researcher in EeB retrofitting scenarios and precedence-based design (in WP1) in relation with the development of lifecycle tools in WP3. Researcher in semantic design instruments in WP6 in relation to performance tools in WP3.

- Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in the Netherlands, and benchmarking at EU level.

- Active partner in knowledge valorisation, especially through consultancy to real estate clients.



Key persons involved

- Dr. Rizal Sebastian, is Director of Research at DEMO Consultants. He holds a BSc in Architectural Design, an MSc in Construction Management, and a PhD in Architectural Project Management. He has more than 15 years of professional experience as architect, project manager and consultant at ARCADIS and as senior research scientist at TNO in the Netherlands. He is a specialist in collaborative design and engineering, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and integrated procurement. His projects range from residential, office and healthcare buildings, to urban infrastructure and area developments. In the field of research, Rizal has co-initiated and performed ten European research projects. 


- Mr. André van Delft, MSc. (Director / Senior consultant) holds a BSc in building engineering (TU Delft) and an MSc degree in Real Estate Management (TU Delft). He is an experienced software developer and specialist in developing computer models for the real estate industry. He has developed software applications for ministries, institutional investors and research institutions, like TNO, and participated in several European research projects within the EU Framework Programmes. He is the managing director of DEMO Consultants.


- Mrs. Oana Schippers-Trifan, MSc. holds a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication Studies (University of Bucharest). She moved to the Netherlands in 2007 when she started a master programme in European Communication Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She received a MSc in European Communications Studies followed by a MRes in European Studies. At present she is working at DEMO as dissemination manager and research assistent in European research projects, where she is involved in the daily project management for different European projects.



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