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TNO was established 80 years ago and it is the research organisation of applied sciences in the Netherlands with more than 4000 researchers and staff. TNO has earned its high reputation as the most active organisation in the Netherlands in coordinating and performing a large number of EU research projects for many years. It is also involved among others in ETCP, ETPIS, EPBD, KIC InnoEnergy and Energy-Efficient Building Association (E2BA). 

As an independent organisation, TNO performs R&D for governments, SMEs, large industrial companies, service providers, and non-governmental organisations. TNO research scientists are organised within 3 expertise centres: Technical Sciences; Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences; and Behavioural and Societal Sciences. TNO develops and implements innovative knowledge in 7 thematic areas, including the Built Environment and Energy. TNO is the leading actor in the development of technologies and methods that will enable an energy-producing built environment aligned with ‘Europe 2020’ goals by smart use of sustainable energy sources.

The Dutch Centre for Health Assets (DuCHA), an integral part of TNO since 1 January 2009, has a key role in developing and implementing sustainable innovations and policies within the healthcare building sector since more than 35 years ago. DuCHA works with government, healthcare institutions, and the industries to deliver strategic planning, design and management of healthcare facilities. DuCHA is directly connected with the European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA) and European Health Property Network (EuHPN).


Main roles in STREAMER

- Project Coordinator, Operational Coordinator, Leader of WP10 Project Management.

- Research in spatial, functional and technical designs for new and existing healthcare buildings and districts.

- Lead investigator in knowledge management within the semantic design collaborative process.

- Lead investigator in BIM – GIS – Semantic Web integration.

- Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in the Netherlands, and benchmarking at EU level.

- Task leader of knowledge valorisation, making a synergy with various EU platforms, programmes and projects relevant for EeB .

- Key contributor to standardisation in sustainable healthcare buildings/districts as well as in ICT and modelling domains regarding open standards of BIM, GIS and Semantic Web.


Key persons involved

- Mr. Freek Bomhof MSc. EE (Project Coordinator) is principal business consultant at TNO. His background is Electrical Engineering; having worked at the research department of KPN (the Dutch incumbent telco) for 13 years has given him a lot of experience and insight in the interworking between technological innovations on one hand, and the way that organisations operate their processes using these innovations. In 2003 he joined TNO to continue research on supporting business processes using ICT. Within TNO Freek is also coordinating the research programme on data-driven innovation (Big Data, Open Data, Linked Data), and coordinating an innovation programme targeted at SMEs, mostly in the Building & Construction sector

- Ms. Annemarie Mahieu (Operational Coordinator) has more than 10 years of experience at TNO. She has taken a management role in many grant research projects, as a project manager as well as in support of the Project Coordinator. Her experience includes the coordination role at the European Office / EARPA Secretariat.


- Mr. Roberto Traversari (BSc, MBA) is a Senior Consultant who studied General Operational Technology and completed his MBA. At TNO, he led the department of cooling, heating and installations. His R&D work focuses the cleanliness, energy use, operational costs and logistics of air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and ‘hot floor’ hospital. He is active in national and international committees and working groups in the respective fields.

- Dr. Michel Böhms is a Senior Research Scientist who completed his PhD thesis on Computer Integrated Manufacturing within the field of Computer Science. He has more than 25 years of experience at TNO. In various EU research projects that he is involved (e.g. ATLAS, CONCUR, VEGA, GEM, eConstruct, SWOP, InPro, IntUBE, Pantura, Sinphonie, Proficient, V-CON), he deals with BIM/GIS integration, open standards ISO STEP, BuildingSMART IFC, and W3C Semantic Web.

- Mr. Joram Nauta, MSc, BBE is a Senior Project Manager with a substantial experience in the field of healthcare buildings. He was educated in Civil & Industrial Engineering and Management & Administration. He coordinates the agenda for sustainable healthcare buildings at TNO and he is a board member of the European Health Property Network (EuHPN). His research focuses on Evidence-Based Design method and practice. 


- Mr. Jeroen Brouwer, BEng.-Research Scientist at the TNO department Strategy and Policy. Within STREAMER he is responsible for WP4 and task leader 4.2, dealing with knowledge management in the context of semantic based design.



 Freek Bomhof 


Annemarie Mahieu



Roberto Traversari


Dr. Michel Bohms


Joram Nauta

 Joram Nauta


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