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The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust 

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (TRFT) is the major provider of acute and community based health services for the Rotherham locality and is the second largest employer in Rotherham, employing over 4,500 people. Around 250,000 people are served by TRFT every year. TRFT has a current annual income of £248 million.

TRFT`s main site is Rotherham Hospital which is a modern, progressive hospital, situated 2 miles south of Rotherham town centre. TRFT operates a range of community services from a multitude of locations within the Rotherham borough. Rotherham Hospital covers an area of 20.97 hectares and has a floor area of 76,784m2 and a heated volume of 195,742m3. The first phase of the development was opened in 1978 followed by phase two in 1984 (with two major capital schemes), and phase three in 1994. Several other small extensions have been added over the last couple of years.



Main roles in STREAMER

- Leader of Task 7.1 on the demonstration case and practical validation in the UK, in its role as the client/owner, building operator and main occupant of the real project.

- Contributor to research on building/district typologies (WP1), EeB solutions (WP2), and key performance indicators (WP3), especially based on the real client and end-user’s experience. The contribution focuses on the knowhow of daily operational processes, healthcare services and equipment. It also provides considerations on the real estate strategies for healthcare buildings and districts during the collaborative design process involving all stakeholders (WP4).

- Contributor to research in BIM/semantic product lifecycle modelling (T5.2) comprising the equipment, installations, and the connections with the building systems.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, especially regarding the establishment and mobilisation of the Implementers Community (IC) in conjunction with the real demonstration case, and benchmarking at EU level.



Key persons involved

- Mr. John Cartwright B.Eng (Hons), C.Eng, MIHEEM has been the Director of Estates and Facilities at TRFT for 8 years. He has over 25 years’ experience in managing and maintaining healthcare buildings and services within the NHS. John will assume the role of Project Director for this scheme and lead the project from inception to completion.


- Mr. Martin Aizlewood has been the TRFT Energy and Environment and has held the position for 4 years. He previously worked as a fully qualified electrician in a range of industrial environments. Martin has extensive knowledge and experience of RFT`s BMS systems and has overseen a range of capital projects throughout his career. Martin will act as the lead liaison between the Trust and the BMS contractor and Consultant on a day to day basis.


- Mr. Peter Jolley is TRFT Head of Estate Services. He has over 30 years’ experience of managing and maintaining engineering services at Rotherham Hospital. He has extensive knowledge of the BMS system and engineering infrastructure which will be invaluable as the project moves forward. In STREAMER, Peter`s role will be to support John and Martin in working through this project and utilising his extensive knowledge of the site to help progress the scheme in a timely manner.




B.Eng. John Cartwright



 Martin Aizlewood




Peter Jolley



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