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Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment

CSTB is a public research establishment in the construction sector with a turnover of 90 M€, employing about 900 staff including 500 engineers, researchers and experts in building science and building technologies and advanced ICT. CSTB’s core business covers four main fields: research, technical consultancy, quality assessment, and knowledge dissemination. Base on a multidisciplinary approach, CSTB contributes to innovation and problem solving for the industry, and to transfer knowledge and technology to the wider community, in France and beyond. It provides expertise to industry at large, and disseminates R&D results through various scientific media to practitioners and social and public authorities. CSTB develops consultancy activities, and contributes to reference (‘standardised’) solutions and services for products, processes and services in the Construction sector. Since 2008, CSTB has strengthened its support to public authorities in the introduction of policies to evaluate health and environmental risks, to control energy and reduce Greenhouse Effect. It also helps the building profession to deal with environmental issues (e.g. the evaluation of the environmental quality of buildings and construction products) and the control of energy.


Main roles in STREAMER

- Technical Coordinator and Leader of Work Package 9 on technical/scientific management.

- Leader of Task 3.2 on energy assessment tool; Task 5.2 on Product Lifecycle Modelling (PLM).

- Lead investigator in semantic design configurator, semantic design collaborative process, as well as in BIM – GIS – Semantic Web integration.

- Contributor to the demonstration case and practical validation in the real project in France, and benchmarking at EU level.

- Key contributor to standardisation in sustainable healthcare buildings/districts as well as in ICT and modelling domains regarding open standards of BIM, GIS and Semantic Web.

- Active partner in knowledge dissemination and valorisation, making a synergy with various EU platforms, programmes and projects relevant for EeB .


Key persons involved

-Dr. Marc Bourdeau- STREAMER Technical Coordinator - is currently project manager, team leader and Deputy Head of the Digital Innovation for Construction Division. He has more than 20 years’ experience in R&D projects dealing with information systems, knowledge engineering, collaborative work, ambient intelligence, smart buildings and smart cities, including many EC-funded projects (OSMOS, CoMMA, e-COGNOS, COLLABORATOR, ICCI, ROADCON, REEB, IREEN, InPro, SWOP, ODYSSEUS, RESILIENT, PERFORMER, Energy in Time, etc.). He has been the technical manager of SWOP and FIEMSER projects, and is also currently the technical manager of the PERFORMER project.

- Dr. Souheil Soubra is a Project Manager and the Head of the MOD-EVE Division at CSTB. Main fields of interest include Simulation Environments, Building Information Modelling, Geographical Information management, Virtual and Augmented Reality. He is currently managing CSTB’s strategic project entitled “Numerical Simulation and tools” in the frame of which an innovative immersive space dedicated to Virtual Environments for the construction sector has been put in place. He participated or managed several EC funded projects (Divercity, V-MAN, ViSICADE, Create, Intelcity, etc.). He is a member of various expert committees in “Construction IT” and has co-authored several publications and books in this field.

- Mr. Bruno Hilaire Profile to be completed soon





 Dr. Marc Bourdeau



Dr. Souheil Soubra


Bruno Hilaire



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